Case Study: London Marathon

Jefferies Jiang
2 min readFeb 10, 2022

On one April Sunday each yr, around 33,000 runners, 1/2 of 1,000,000 spectators and supporters, TV audiences of their hundreds of thousands and radio listeners everywhere in the global might be taking part in the specific surroundings and spectacle of the global`s primary marathon — the Flora London Marathon. To date, extra than 1/2 of 1,000,000 runners have finished the 26.2-mile challenge. The many factors withinside the Flora London Marathon make its attraction universal — the races withinside the major race cater for the global`s quickest runners, membership runners, worldwide runners of all competencies, wheelchair racers, aspiring marathon runners and amusing runners committed to charity fundraising.
The mass race entails tens of hundreds of human beings of blended walking competencies taking to the capital`s streets to take in the marathon challenge. The mass subject is characterised through the array of fancy-get dressed runners who area their emphasis on having amusing and getting spherical the 26.2 miles as opposed to clocking a quick time. The dedication of the amusing runners has resulted withinside the London Marathon turning into the primary annual charity fundraising occasion in Britain, with round £156 million raised for severa charities over the years.
In fact, the London Marathon isn’t simply one mission however several, every complicated in its personal right. All of them ought to combine and be made to return back collectively at the day. If one thing of any of the interrelated tasks fails, its results can effect at the entire occasion. Planning for the occasion is going on all yr spherical. Local authorities, site visitors controllers, the police and network organizations, amongst many different groups, ought to be saved knowledgeable and allowed to participate withinside the making plans process. The race takes area on roads which are used for everyday site visitors as much as the night time earlier than the race. In the hours earlier than the occasion over 20,000 metres of barrier ought to be erected, almost
one thousand transportable bathrooms installed, 23 water stations erected collectively with eight unique beverages stations for the elite runners. The occasion is likewise a prime logistics exercise. Before the race begins offevolved all of the following, and plenty extra, ought to be in area: over 35,000 finishers` medals, the identical wide variety of Goodie Bags for the runners, ninety lbs of petroleum jelly, 35,000 sandwiches for the runners, over 700,000 bottles of water and 120,000 gentle packs of Lucozade isotonic electricity drink. Most importantly, a blue line ought to be painted on the street to mark the precise direction (it takes three hundred litres of paint). Transporting runners` package from the begin to the end desires 50 trucks. First resource is furnished through 1200 volunteer ambulance employees and 70 ambulances with 500 stretchers operating out of forty first resource stations. Keeping order and supporting runners and spectators alike continues over 6500 marshalls busy on the start, end and spherical the direction.
On-direction leisure is prepared to entertain runners all of the manner alongside the direction. This consists of over 50 pubs alongside the route, teaming up with charities to

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