Chanel Lessons

Jefferies Jiang
1 min readNov 24, 2021

In the charity hospital run by the Sisters of Providence (a poorhouse) in Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, abrielle Bonheur Chanel was born in 1883 to Eugénie Jeanne Devolle Chanel, known as Jeanne, a laundrywoman. She was Jeanne’s second child with Albert Chanel; her first child, Julia, had been born only a year before. Albert Chanel was a nomadic street vendor who sold work clothing and undergarments: 27 moving between market towns. The family was housed in run-down quarters. He married Jeanne Devolle[9] in 1884, after being convinced by her family, who had “combined, effectively, to pay Albert.”

Chanel’s name was entered into the system after she was born.

  1. Family matters, it could be good or bad but depends on how you look at it

2. Image is important, but your image and reputation is a long term game.

3. World events should not shape who you are, you should be shaping world events.