How To Be Bilingual As a Leader

Jefferies Jiang
3 min readJan 11, 2023

In this story, you will:

  1. ) Identify Bilingual leaders who have contributed to society

2.) Understand the importance of learning mutiple languages

3.) Create a roadmap in how to learn a language capable in leading.

4.) Identify specific product manager languages in learning.

Some Examples:

Satya Nadella- As the CEO of Microsoft, English is NOT his firsy language, meaning that it is there are some people who do not lead in their first language.

Why is it important to learn multiple languages in a career.

  1. ) Globalization and empires.

Humans are projected to live longer and longer, and in our lifetimes, major empires will rise and fall. However, the one thing that stays constant and trade and valuation of our skills.

2.) Cultral Competence

Sometimes learning languages are a communication skill, but also as a tool in delvoping cultral compece, languages comes from cultral competence, you see that Chinese words come from smaller characters of nature, but also gender word in nouns in French, you see that there is a cultral infleunce in that topic.

3.) New Words

Languages change, and jargon develops through the ages, as a leader you might want to invent new words from another language, for example Greek and Latin. Some companies like NIKE is named after a greek word.

To create a language roadmap,

Start with a goal: