How to be Vulnerable as a leader.

Jefferies Jiang
2 min readMar 1, 2021

Be personal.

When you look at top speakers like Obama and Ronald Reagan they were really good at using personal concrete details to their advantage.

Walk into the fire.

George Washington rode his horse in the line of fire, that benefits the entire team because the team became vulnerable as well. However the results were substantial

While others see it as vulnerability, see it as meaning.

On D-day, the purpose was to get to the beach, you could be shot, but as long as enough of the division got there you have done your job. Sometimes if you watch the greatest American or greatest Canadian you will see that they went through pain, while it might seem like pain from your POV, it is meaning on theirs, that will motivate you to continue the vulnerability, and not stop and attain the benefits one day.

Ask for cover.

When the Army Rangers were climbing up the cliffs on D-Day, to get to the Germans, they had ships performing suppressive fire in the ocean, when you are vulnerable, don’t have a huge ego, ask for protection and help and lower the risk as much as possible.

When vulnerable, practice the process over and over again.

The odds of dying without looking both ways is huge, when our parents taught us to look both ways, that lowered the risk immensely, and if you are reading this you’ve probably crossed the road and you are still alive. The same applies to Navy SEALs and Army Rangers, they practice over and over again so they get used to the process that will not get them killed. So to increase odds, practice it over and over again, repetition is the mother of mastery.