How to Make a case study of debate

Jefferies Jiang
2 min readMay 4, 2024

A case study on debating could focus on a specific debate competition, team, or topic. Here’s a general outline of how you might structure such a case study:

  1. **Introduction**:
  2. . – Define debating and its importance.
  3. . – Present the focus of the case study: a particular competition, team, or an interesting debate topic.

2. **Background**:

. – Provide context about the setting: Is it an academic debate in a school or university? A community event? A televised debate?

. – Discuss the rules and format of the debate, such as Parliamentary, Lincoln-Douglas, or Public Forum styles.

3. **Participants**:

. – Detail the participants involved, including their backgrounds if relevant. This could involve individual debaters, teams, or schools.

. – Mention their experience and previous achievements in debating.

4. **Debate Topic**:

. – Explain the topic of the debate. Why is it significant or controversial?

. – Present both sides of the argument as laid out in the debate.

5. **Analysis of the Debate**:

. – Analyze the strategies used by each side. What types of evidence and rhetorical techniques did they employ?

. – Discuss the key moments and turning points in the debate. How did the participants adapt to counterarguments or new information?

6. **Outcome**:

. – Describe the result of the debate. Who won, and on what basis was the decision made?

. – Reflect on the judges’ feedback and scoring, if available.

7. **Impact and Implications**:

. – Consider the broader impact of the debate. Did it influence opinions, policies, or further debates?

. – Discuss any lessons learned and how this case study can benefit other debaters or educators.

8. **Conclusion**:

. – Summarize the main insights gained from the case study.

. – Reflect on the value of debating as an educational and communicative tool.

To make this case study more engaging, you could include interviews with participants, analysis of video footage, or expert commentary on debate tactics. This would provide a deeper insight into the strategic elements of debating and its educational value.