How to Set Goals

Jefferies Jiang
2 min readNov 11, 2021

Setting goals is the start of the end in mind, it helps you successfully achieve and pursue your dreams, you will learn about the different frameworks to set Goals.

First set Goals using the S.M.A.R.T method, the smart method includes the following.

S — Specific goals help you achieve clarity, many people set vague goals because they are afraid of failure, but the only way they can learn from failure is if their goals are specific.

M- Measurable- Using math in goal-setting is useful because it makes it objective, this is good not only because it connects to the point above, but because you can adjust it and measure it comparing it to the person you were yesterday and other people, as well as people better than you so you can compete up.

Action Plan- Setting a plan is halfway there, this is not only for organization purposes but a plan can help you delegate actions to other people, it can help you make be adaptable when needed, and it can help you identify your trends on what you achieve.

Realistic- Always start small, have patience and in the long run it is possible. Just maintain consistency and make sure you succeed.

Time-bound- Deadlines are useful, have a shot clock, and connecting to point number 4, it will give you a healthy amount of pressure.


KPI are Key Performance Indicators, the higher it is the more you are performing.


Sales Average


Key Failure Indicators are indicators of failure, you will need to reflect and learn to form it, these are some examples:

Unemployment Rate

Churn Rate