Philosophical Influences on Product Management

Jefferies Jiang
2 min readJan 5, 2023

By the end of this article

  • You will learn cultural influences on product management.
  • How to use these influences and the negative argument behind it
  1. ADAM SMITH — The invisisble hand

In an app, you always want to make a platform to allow people to compete. For example, Facebook has a platform that alllows people to create an app an earn revenue, with self-intrest. Amazon KDP has a similar system, it ensures authros make money and promotes theri expertise, that way competition for Amazon’s bid price for CPP marketing increases.


Someone is different if they do not share the same conciousness. This concept is difficult, but when you think of a product as a person, you can think of what the product has been through in order to understand that that is the identity of the product. For example, the identity for facebook might be “fas growing” becauase the network had users sign up quickly at the beginning, however MySpace is a different network becuase it went bankrupt. So to differentie your product, understand what the story of your product is.

John Locke- Social Contract

We have to give up somr of our rights to get our right to use social media, this is where privacy concerns come in place.

  1. Nicola Machiavelli — — Apps and power

Machiavelli, he said an app has to be unique and bold, where most peeople do not how to throw around. An app like Facebook of Goggle has a unique solgan that goes beyond seracj engine s but includes all the concepts in the first 2 philsophies.

Hopefully you will learn lessons that can applied elsewhere.